You've made the decision to look for a new kitten.

You will thank yourself if you choose a Burmese or Exotic Shorthair cat from Jateki. Thank you for visiting my site.

I've lived with cats all my life and loved every minute spent with them. They are a loving and fun companion and are a great comfort in times when you need a friend. Three years ago I decided to take the next step and start to breed Burmese and Exotic Shorthair cats. I chose Burmese because they are elegant, loving and adventurous. The Exotic Shorthair are soft, cuddly and always there for you. Because of my love for the Burmese breed I have also chosen to breed Tonkinese. They are a beautiful combination of the Burmese and Siamese breeds.

Both breeds are just gorgeous and a delight to work for. You have to always remember who is boss.

We live in a beautiful part of North Queensland on the Tablelands west of Cairns. The weather and scenery are both beautiful here. Being surrounded by tropical rainforest we get to enjoy the beauty of all the native wildlife. My furry family live an idyllic life here with plenty of outdoors time and freedom to roam the whole household. Working for a vet has given me the training to care for the health and wellbeing of my girls and boys. I am a registered breeder with the Queensland Independent Cat Council Inc.

All our kittens are brought up in a loving and caring environment and go to their new homes ready for your loving care.

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